Solar for Your Home

As a solar installation company, we are committed to helping homeowners live more sustainably. For other tips on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle at home, check out Redfin’s recent blog post, featuring Sky NRG Solar and other companies working towards a more sustainable future:

How to Live a More Eco-Friendly Lifestyle at Home

Solar doesn’t just help reduce your carbon footprint at home, although that is a worthwhile enough reason to go solar in and of itself. Solar also saves you significant amounts of money by reducing/eliminating your utility bills. The average solar installation in Virginia takes about 8 years achieve a return on investment with today’s electricity rates and federal incentives, but the solar system will produce electricity for 30+ years. After you hit your break even point on your system, your home’s electricity is free and the savings from not having to pay the utility for your power go directly into your pocket.

Not sure you’ll stay in your home for 30+ years? That’s not a problem. Studies have shown that solar also increases your home value by over 4% on average, and homes with solar sell faster. You will recoup your initial investment–and likely more–on your solar installation when you sell your house before having reached the payback time.

Another benefit of upgrading to solar power is energy security. Solar-powered batteries are in higher demand than ever as homeowners want the security of a backup power supply when the local grid fails. A home equipped with solar panels plus a backup battery system is able to more comfortably and securely ride out grid outages, even extended ones.

Need more reasons to switch to solar? Curious how much power your home can generate from sunlight? Reach out to Sky NRG Solar and we’ll walk you through all the details and options for making the switch.

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