Residential PV Solar

The cleanest, most renewable, and when implemented professionally, the most reliable energy source on the planet is solar power. More solar energy graces the face of this planet in a day than all of the energy humankind uses in a year.  Solar modules carry 25-year warranties and will last as long as your home. Twenty-five years from now they will still be generating more than 80% of the energy the day they were installed and likely closer to 90% if you choose some of the most popular high-performance solar modules that we install.

Add to the fact that the solar is now absorbing the photons from the sun and turning them into electricity, your roof will last longer, your house will be cooler in the summer, and your energy bills will be lower. One of the biggest comments we have got back from customers is that they notice their house is cooler in the summer. That’s good news in a warming climate.

There are many solar energy companies out there, but when it comes to your home – you deserve nothing but the best. At Sky NRG Solar, our solar installations are always custom-designed for your specific need.  Esthetics are extremely important to us, so we take time to route the wiring so that they are out of sight, preserving the curb appeal of your home. We don’t oversize the system to maximize our profits, we analyze your needs and work within your budget and your specific requirements. We use only the highest quality solar components – giving you the best ROI possible. As always, we are 100% committed to providing a great customer experience throughout the entire process, and all this without a pressured sales pitch. How refreshing is that!?

We can help you move towards becoming energy independent. Get in touch with us today!