Commercial PV Solar

Our team members at Sky NRG Solar are experts at delivering commercial solar energy installations on time and on budget, in addition to compliance with all local ordinances.  Whatever the size of your project, we have the skills, regulatory knowledge, and resources to make your solar project a success.

With proper maintenance, solar is expected to last the lifetime of your building. Solar modules have 25-year performance warranties and produce free electricity for decades. If your company owns its building, wants to protect itself from escalating energy prices, and is interested in projecting a “green” message to your clients, solar is a perfect option!

With federal ITC tax credits (26% of the total investment), accelerated deprecation (MACRS), and Virginia SREC generation cash flow, there is no better time to go solar.


Why get solar power for your commercial space?

  • Reduce Operating Costs – Avoid rising utility rates by locking in lower, predictably priced electricity.
  • Increase Property Value – A solar energy system increases property NOI (Net Operating Income), resulting in a higher capitalized property value.
  • Leverage Your Company’s Eco-friendly Initiatives – Today, many businesses and people want to partner with companies that are doing their part to decrease their carbon footprint. Sky NRG Solar can help your company market the fact that you are a “green” company. 
  • Take Advantage of Solar Tax Credits – There are many incentives to go solar – let our team help you get the most rebates available.   

We can help you significantly lower your energy bill, protect yourself from future rate increases, and help you attain a greener footprint in the community.

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