Li-Ion Battery Backup

Grid independence and power outage mitigation is on most people’s minds these days. Pairing Li-Ion batteries with solar is quickly becoming the norm in the U.S. The past decade has seen impressive improvements in battery technology, in areas such as performance, lifespan, charging and discharging rates, efficiencies, energy densities, and more. Whether it’s a partial or full home backup solution, time-of-use demand shifting, or maximum self-consumption, there are many reasons to incorporate battery storage with solar energy system. From the technical standpoint, we prefer DC-coupled Li-Ion battery systems such as LG Chem RESU-10H/16H Prime or SolarEdge EnergyBank that directly competes with Tesla’s Powerwall battery storage. ¬†Without going too much into a technical discussion, DC-coupled battery systems avoid multiple DC-AC-DC conversions that reduce the overall efficiency. ¬†We are a Certified LG Chem installer as well as a Certified SolarEdge Partner.


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