Vienna Townhouse 7.8 kW, VA

Another townhouse install with east-west orientation, with no tree shading and a fairly low roof pitch which insures good solar production year round.  Our client was looking to offset 100% of his electric bill and have the option to future proof his garage with a EV-ready solar inverter.  High-efficiency LG 325W modules with 25 yr manufacturer warranty were selected for this project.   This system will provide 100% of the homeowners’ yearly power needs resulting in an estimated $1,300 in annual savings.  SolarEdge P370 optimizers were used to mitigate multi-array performance issues and to allow module level production monitoring. To achieve clean and stream-lined look, all electrical conduits were routed through the attic space to a SolarEdge DC-AC Inverter installed inside the garage.  We used an EV ready Inverter, with an included vehicle charging cable that can be used to charge a future EV car.  The home owner was also interested in upgrading his Main Electrical panel to the state-of-art Leviton panel that really blends nicely in his livable space.  An energy consumption meter was also installed to complement the solar production metering.  Both Solar power production and home consumption can be monitored in real-time via a cloud-based monitoring platform directly on a smartphone or desktop computer.

System Overview:

  • Solar Array – 7.8 kW
  • 24 LG 325W monocrystalline black solar modules
  • Estimated Annual Power Production – 10,200 kWh
  • Average Monthly Production – 850 kWh
  • Average Daily Production – 27.9 kWh
  • Estimated Annual Energy Savings – 100%

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