Purcellville 8.64 kW, VA

Solar ground mounted systems offer the best production numbers – simply because we can orient the array at the optimal angle and facing directly south.  Our client had plenty of space on his farm-like lot and was looking for a structurally quality installation with high efficiency solar panels with the best warranty to offset the maximum power usage. High-efficiency Silfab 360W modules with 25 yr manufacturer warranty – Made in Canada were selected for this project.   This system will provide 90% of the homeowners’ yearly power needs resulting in an estimated $1,375 in annual savings.  SolarEdge P370 optimizers were used to allow module level production monitoring and potential module power mismatch. A trenched conduit connected the array to a SolarEdge power Inverter installed at the house near the electrical service entrance.  An energy consumption meter was also installed to complement the solar production metering.  Both Solar power production and home consumption can be monitored in real-time via a cloud-based monitoring platform directly on a smartphone or desktop computer.

All our solar installs are custom designed to fit the need, budget, and aesthetic goals of the homeowner – find out today how you can start producing clean, renewable electricity at your home.

System Overview:

  • Solar Array – 8.64 kW
  • 24 Silfab 360W monocrystalline solar modules
  • Estimated Annual Power Production – 11,300 kWh
  • Average Monthly Production – 942 kWh
  • Average Daily Production – 31.0 kWh
  • Estimated Annual Energy Savings – 100%

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